XO Gigabit Ethernet California

Similar to how fast Ethernet increased standard Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet improves on Fast Ethernet significantly, assisting any maximum data rate regarding 1000Mb (1Gb) per second. Regardless of earlier thinking in which such rates can only be attained via fiber optic this service may be employed on regular twisted pair copper cable.

Both traditional and fast Ethernet companies continue to be sufficient for many organizations and because of this, remain commonly implemented. For that reason, this slows the particular adoption rates of Gigabit Ethernet services and is also the crucial reason why nowadays it is generally only found in investigation institutions.

Gigabit Ethernet program given by XO Ethernet service providers in California enable you to maximize your large bandwidth Ethernet purchase with fiber-based continuity between your Ethernet switches and Modems. Down the street or perhaps anywhere, allows you to transfer data in local Ethernet format between remotely positioned Local Area Network (LANs) within a regional or downtown location – with speeds 22 times faster than DS3.

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