XO Ethernet Over Copper California

Also referred to as EOC, Ethernet Over Copper is surely an Ethernet Wide Area Network connection in which links numerous business areas to deliver a high-speed committed Ethernet internet connection. Becasue as its name suggest copper wires are used to transmit data via internet to different computers.

XO is the only Service Provider utilizing Ethernet Over Copper accessibility as part of a Hub service on a nationwide basis. By merging the efficiencies of Ethernet with the performance and also stability enterprise-grade, Layer 2, point-to-multipoint marketing, XO Ethernet Hub solution is great for any business together with generally dispersed branch offices trying to reduce costs of their data traffic management.

XO Ethernet Services offer you easy, cost-efficient approaches to hook up the business’s places of work and permit the particular flow of knowledge, applications, over your Wide Area Network and Local Area Networks with all the top quality and stability your business requires.

Whether or not you require high-bandwidth or high-speed access, XO Ethernet Solutions can be customized to fulfil your organization unique needs. XO provides a comprehensive range of accessibility and also bandwidth choices to a lot more areas across the country.

To understand more about XO Ethernet Over Copper Services in California as well as other XO Ethernet services and how they can improve your business, give one of our professional account managers a call today!!