Qwest Ethernet Services California

Qwest Ethernet services in California provide protected, cost-efficient, and also scalable bandwidth simply by combining the power of optical technologies and also Ethernet around Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). Qwest Ethernet solution is perfect to video and also voice applications, along with data transfer software that involve Internet access, access to internet hosting, data transactions, outsourced application services, record, and mail server program, and also off-site data storage.

Qwest Ethernet Program is a dedicated, cost-efficient connection that allows businesses with highly concentrated data applications and data centers to communicate and also transport huge amounts of knowledge between one another above equally short and long ranges.

The main Features of Qwest Ethernet services are:

  • Totally transparent
  • Range provided upon request
  • Protected and unprotected options
  • Available speeds regarding 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps
  • Select from metro or long haul wavelengths
  • Local access is offered via leasing wavelengths from ILECs or CLECs or using on-net facilities.

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