Qwest Ethernet Over Copper California

Ethernet over Copper gives increased Ethernet bandwidths at less expensive costs. This kind of profitable mix is made achievable simply by an increasing number of competitive providers offering this service as well as the added efficiency of transmitting data over copper wiring.

Qwest Ethernet over copper in California offer secure, cost-efficient, and scalable bandwidth by combining the effectiveness of optical engineering and also Ethernet across Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). Qwest Ethernet over Copper will be perfect to video and voice applications, as well as data applications that involve Access to the internet, usage of hosting, data transfers, outsourced program, program file and also mail server service, and off-site data storage

Qwest providers gives a dedicated, cost-efficient connection that enables organizations together with highly concentrated data applications and data centres to communicate and also transport large amounts of data among one another above equally long and short ranges.

 Benefits of employing Qwest Ethernet Solution are usually:

  • Cost-efficient, large capacity data transport
  • Almost all Connections are usually 100% dedicated to solely to your business
  • Framing and also connection are very standardized, and have proven reliable for many years
  • Connections must be made physically; therefore the Qwest Network Functions can easily detect any intrusion or hacker

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