MPLS and the Cloud in Action

MPLS services supported by the cloud provide VoIP service along with optimal security services.

MPLS and the Cloud in ActionCloud computing provides a variety of advantages and is offered to customers as a service whenever and wherever needed – either on a private network or over the Internet. Cloud services are currently offered in a few configurations and can be done through hybrid, private, and public clouds supporting Iaas (Infrastructure as a service), SaaS (Software as a service), and Paas (Platform as a service).

Voice over IP services provides a series of benefits. The most substantial bonus is the integration of voice and data services which leads to immediate savings. The convenience of having a single service provider along with unified communications provides an ideal network solution. Also with VoIP solutions, voice traffic takes precedence over other types of traffic providing the most consistent service allowing for versatile bandwidth allocation. Along with offering economically efficient calling options, VoIP services provide flexibility and integration options suitable for both existing and new infrastructure.

Similarly to the advantages of VoIP services in general, hosted voice services also provide an array of significant advantages. Hosted voice services offer drastically lower initial start-up costs, savings through not having the necessity of on-location maintenance, noticeable long-distance reductions, the flexibility and scalability you need, configurations suitable for remote and traveling workers, constant monitoring, and exceptional security expected with cloud services all along with the ever important increase in efficiency and productivity.

Among the highest concerns when selecting network solutions is QoS, or Quality of Service. MPLS and the cloud solutions cover:

  • Video and voice services in real-time fashion
  • Security necessary mission critical traffic
  • Perfectly suitable for business critical applications
  • Great service for data and low priority traffic

Just as important as Quality of Service, if not more, is the need for a secure network solution. Managed security solutions, such as MPLS networks in the cloud provide serious advantages.

  • Reduced expenses – multipoint products can be replaced by unified threat management
  • Enhanced security – expert security management along with state-of-the-art security processes, tools, and infrastructures
  • Simplified compliance
  • Specialty support – expertly trained security professionals
  • Coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – just because 8am to 5pm coverage isn’t enough anymore

MPLS in Cloud Along with Optimal Security

MPLS in the cloud provides an ideal network solution for your business. With the convenience of the scalability and flexibility your organization needs along with the significant reduction in overall costs MPLS solutions in the cloud make sense. When security is among the utmost concerns, managed security solutions provide the coverage you need without bringing on additional IT staff – once again reducing costs.

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