Fiber Ethernet Service Providers California

Using fiber Ethernet circuits for your Internet access provides a dedicated high speed, full duplex symmetrical bandwidth solution that has lower overhead, greater flexibility and higher reliability than all broadband (ADSL/SDSL) services. Ethernet is now the standard replacement for more traditional leased line technology.

Fiber Ethernet provides flexible and scalable bandwidth options from 10Mb right up to 1Gb Internet access. Ethernet circuits can also be used for Point to Point connections or to provide a private MPLS network with shared Internet access breakout.

Fiber Ethernet Service in California is simply the best, most scalable and reliable Internet and site to site connectivity option. Through a special blend of copper, fiber serial/trunks and broadband wireless accessibility features, XO’s vast across the country Ethernet footprint (one of many largest in USA) employs multiple access features in order to provide Ethernet to thousands of enterprise customers.

All of us with partners with all the major providers of Fiber Ethernet Service providers in order to help you find the best solution to your business’s special needs.

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