Ethernet MPLS Services Irvine

Ethernet MPLS Services in Irvine give you a better range of bandwidths, making it ideal for coverage of data, video, and also voice networks, and also well-liked between many government agencies, universities, and huge companies.

Ethernet MPLS services is scalable and lays eyes upon SONET/SDH and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based engineering. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is inside Ethernet MPLS solution satisfy your unique requirements.Global MPLS offers both wholesale partners and businesses “more the possiblility to reduce network costs for high-bandwidth locations and de-stress the complexity of maintaining multiple types of technologies.”

Ethernet MPLS give you the simplicity and flexibility regarding Ethernet, as well as the privacy of Private Lines to support mission-critical multi-site connection and also secure applications into a single solution that provides:

  • Scalable, cost-efficient Ethernet
  • MPLS IP-VPN efficiency and also dependability
  • Discretion of Private Line or ATM/Frame Relay

When you are searching for finding the best Ethernet or MPLS solution in Irvine for your business’s unique needs and location, offer our professional account managers a call today!