Why use Ethernet Internet Services?

If you are still using a traditional DSL, T1, or DS3 to connect to the Internet, why not see if you qualify for Ethernet Connectivity with FASTER connectivity and LOWER pricing? Simply click on the instant pricing button above to get started!

Advantages of connecting your business to the Internet via Ethernet include:

simplicity pricing flexibility

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Metro Ethernet MPLS

Metro Ethernet MPLSIn order to understand Metro Ethernet MPLS it is best to first gain an understanding of the word ‘Metro’ in this context. Here Metro is referring to a metropolitan area network, also known as a MAN. A metropolitan area computer network is simply a network that connects two or more LANs, or local area networks. This would be appropriate for a company that has two or more office locations. For example, a MAN would be suitable for use on a college campus or could be employed by a business with several branches. The MAN provides this connection by relying on a backbone technology that has an extremely high capacity.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet goes by a few names including Ethernet MAN and Metropolitan-area Ethernet . These are all the same. Essentially a metro Ethernet network is a metro area network that uses Ethernet as the backbone technology. Ethernet is ideal for use because it has an incredibly high bandwidth and it is easy to work with because of its widely used and user friendly interface.

Metro Ethernet MPLS

Finally, Metro Ethernet MPLS is a Metropolitan Area Network that uses Ethernet over a Multi-Protocol label switching system. Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a service that labels packets of data so that they can follow a preplanned route to their final destinations. This saves time because alternatively data would have to hop from end point to end point. At each end point the data would stop and its network address would be read before it was directed to its next end point. With MPLS, data zooms along its route without ever being reevaluated. This also saves time because the packets are encoded with routes that intentional take different paths in order to avoid causing network congestion over one path.

Get Fastest and Most Effective Metro Ethernet MPLS services best suited for Businesses
Essentially, Metro Ethernet MPLS uses a combination of the best, fastest and most effective services available to provide seamless internet to users. It is employed by some of the nations largest and most widespread companies because it is best suited for businesses with more than one office location. It offers a great deal of bandwidth and an effective means of communication transportation. If you are interested in finding out more about Metro internet MPLS please contact us at Ethernet Shopper. We will be glad to offer you a free consultation and provide you with instant price quotes. Thank you for your business.

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